Victoria was founded in Spain in 1915 in a small town in La Rioja, when its founder Gregoria,

had the idea of creating a shoe named after his wife Victoria, whom he had married the previous year.

Since then, many people have worn the name Victoria on their shoes, especially during the seventies

and eighties, when the Victoria canvas shoe became an essential part of Spanish fashion.

Time may have moved on, but today we are still making our legendary model just as we did back then.

Indeed, every season our designers create new collections to match the latest trends,

reinventing Victoria without compromising its essence.

Victoria is now available in the US for the first time! Staying true to their roots,

Victoria continues to be made in Spain.



Green is our Favorite Color

Our canvas shoes contain no substances that are toxic or harmful to health.  We have Oko-Tex Standard 100 certification, which guarantees a harmless product, perfectly suitable for direct contact with the skin, even with babies.


Respect for Human Rights

Our factories are certified by an external body that guarantees a code of conduct and social responsibility, ensuring our shoes are made in an environment that respects workers’ rights.



All the materials used in our rubber-soled shoes can by recycled and used for a variety of purposes


This is 100% cotton

Our fabrics are made from 100% natural cotton, grown and produced in Spain.  Natural fabrics are cooler and more breathable than synthetic fabrics, protecting the skin from fungi